LIC: Nanyang Chronicle Article

I did a rather informal interview with The Nanyang Chronicle a while back, the article was scheduled for their Oct 27 issue, but it took me until now to post it as my scanner was giving me problem. Subsequently, ZaoBao (Chinese morning papers) also posted it on their papers on 12th November.

The article here might be quite blur, you can also read omy online version here, and if you aren’t that good in reading Chinese, it’s easier for you to chat directly with me!



congrats =) i said you ARE popular, see? and, pretty soon b4 u get recognized when walking on the streets la. when the day comes, don’t forget US! haha.

evan: lol very exaggerating leh! you will be asking for my signature next. haha.

dora: thanks!!

nate: haha its nothing much, a simple interview!

vicki: lol! how to forget you? (:

claudia: no la, won’t make much difference to the traffic one. haha thanks!

Dude, i didn’t read the article before i told you this thing was becoming something. And now, there’s the article.

i don’t know why, but i think i’m pretty proud of you. =)

Wow, that is an impressive achievement within a short span of time… CONGRATULATIONS!!!

And as what Vicki and Evan have added, don’t forget us as you get popular… :)

Once again, congratulations…

Congrats! I’m so proud of you for having grown so much, in terms of popularity, food review, photography and writing. And also, the many friends you made through this lovely thing on earth – FOOD! ( : Continue to EAT! ( :

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