Galbiati gourmet deli: A Classic Italian Gastronomic

A classic Italian gastronomic, Galbiati gourmet deli actually started out as a takeaway place for its gourmet products. I’ve been wanting to give the place a visit ever since a friend highly recommended it, and railmall is so near to my place.

The interior of the deli was very small, with seating of at most 30. The simplistic environment of the place does makes one feels comfortable, a place where you can call your own Italian joint. The food offered are mostly simple food, with a wide array of home-made pastas, appetizer and main courses.

The Salmon asparagus linguine ($18) was based on the recommendation of the serving staff as my friend’s a great fan of the fish. A very light cream base accompanied the linguine, with the salmon stronger in taste. The asparagus seems to act as the neutralising balance between the salmon and the overall light taste of the dish. A fairly good home-made pasta.

I’ve a sneak preview of their pizzas at the counter, and was excited to hear that they’d served it fresh from the oven. The popular Hawaiian pizza ($8) was our choice for the night. Coming in squares of 6, the pizza was value for money. But, there’s no free lunch in this world, i thought that the ingredients were miserable, with one small cube of pineapple and ham. The pizza crust was very hard, and dry for my personal liking. And the tomato spread for the base was insufficient.

One of the unique characteristics of Galbiati deli was they actually encouraged takeaways. Dining in, the Lavender cheesecake ($7) is a dollar more expensive than if you opted to takeaway their desserts. The lavender flower infused a aromatic fragrant into the light cheesecake. The crust base was always a welcoming partner, to provide the crunch.

We always like to save the best for the last, to savour every bite of the Tiramisu ($7) for a lasting moment stored in our memory. Well i didn’t exactly had many tiramisu before, but Galbiati’s one is probably one of the best i’ve before. There wasn’t any deconstruction, nothing fanciful about the famous Italian dessert. Just a solid good one. The mascrapone cheese, with the the coffee-liquer infuse flavour, i was sorely tempted to order another one.

Total bill was $44 for two person. While the dinner didn’t exactly turn out to be as good as what i’ve expected, it’s easy to imagine myself back here for a simple meal. The only problem? The restaurant doesn’t allow photography, so i was taking photos secretly while they were not looking.

And i do enjoyed my rights of taking photos openly, so this may be the reason a revisit will eluded me. One thing’s for sure, i’ll definitely be back to try the other desserts, and the tiramisu of course. But the next time round, i’ll probably takeaway their desserts, and snap shots of it just directly outside their shop!

Galbiati Gourmet Deli
400 Upper Bukit timah road
Tel: 6462 0926


sihan: i haven try da paolo one! must try that soon

nate: ya lor, i was expecting more from the pizza!

dora: yeah my friend was saying there’s this “air-freshner” smell. haha. Merry xmas to you too!

miss cyan: yeah i had a hard time taking it secretly, feel like a thief. lol! thanks!

thehungrycow: haha when they not looking faster snap. merry xmas!

foodie queen: i thought it was okay. haha. okay gonna try the tagliatelle next time!

hey i just got back from China! and you finally paid them a visit! should have tried the squid ink tag. and the mushrooms pizza instead. but yes the tiramisu is one of my faves as well. =) happy holidays!

G: yeah you should, i like their tiramisu!

elieli: haha you are finally back! yeah i went there like a month ago but got too much post so didn’t blog until now.

eeling: haha go eat!

Yeah, the tiramisu is the best!
You should try the squid ink spaghetti.
It’s the best I have tried.
Try the pumpkin soup too.
These 3 dishes I must have whenever I am there every month. =)

joanna: yeah tiramisu is good. next time if i go again will try the squid ink spaghetti, it seems everyone say its nice, but i didn’t try any squid ink before! haha. wow u go every month?

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