Caffe Beviamo: The two sided face of you

The scones ($2.50) from Caffe Beviamo was soft and fluffy, with a buttery undertone.There wasn’t any “wow” from the strawberry jam, but it was enough to compliment the warm scones. If i may say so in my humble opinion, the ones here are better than the legendary Royal Copenhagen scones.

When you run out of names for your desserts, why not try some creative ones which can attract others attention? That’s exactly what Beviamo did. The hummingbird cake ($3.50) had was pineapple, banana and coconut involved, definitely no bird or what so ever. I love to eat pineapple and banana on its own, but to have them in cake is completely a different story all together. Banana cakes are just not for me, some things just can’t be forced.

Caffe Beviamo
163 Tanglin road
#02-k1 Tanglin Mall
Tel: 6738 7906


Well, it is always good to try new stuff… just like how I discover my love for carrot cakes. Despite the first few rounds of disappointments, I finally found the one I adore…

Been to Cafe Beviamo once, but didn’t enjoy it that much as I was so sick and needed to kill time, waiting for Yuan to reach Orchard…

Maybe I should drop by a second visit…

ice: oh i see, thanks for the info!

sihan: haha yeah i don’t fancy it. i still like bananas on its own

fen: lol! i love carrot cakes too! haha. i think beviamo has a nice concept, simple food and its not expensive.

foodies queen: hmm.. i do read khkl blog quite often and got inspire by him, but then i have totally no intention of copying or replicating him. His blog is very well written. i guess it does look alike, but the style and use of word is different, like what camemberu mentioned, i liked being “lyrical” : )

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