Mini biscuit: Japanese snacks part 3

With every conservation now contaminated with Melamine, everyone’s paranoid about China-made products. I’m sorry for the parents and families of the babies affected by this man-made disaster. It does brings back unpleasant memories of the mad cow disease, the bird flu saga which made everybody avoided poultry consumption.

Since everybody is shunning away from China-made products, the Japanese wordings on the packaging should made you rest assure of its origins. However, the mini biscuits wasn’t really to my liking, I found it too hard, and a tad dry. While my partner liked it. So like what i always say, different people has different taste buds.

This is a series of posts on Japanese snack, stay tune for the
Japanese snacks part 4!


how come all the snacks are taken at the staircase? don’t tell me you start snacking the moment you go out of the house? hehe

foodie queen: serious? i didn’t know about that man.

vicki: hahaha. u contacted them about the change already? i cant do on fri. its 10, 11 or 12.

evan: hahaha. no we brought the snacks, den immediately eat them on the staircase outside tampopo deli. lol! i have a habit of buying snacks and eating on the stairs. hahah

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