Marutama ra-men: New outlet at Liang court

Why is it that Starbucks is able to open a few outlets at a single location, and yet every cafe is still packed fully with customers? They must have some secrets that we don’t know? Anyway, Marutama ra-men seems to get the idea, with their one week old new restaurant at Liang court, it’s only a stone throw away from their original branch at The Central.

Ramen lovers have been raving about Marutama, and with some even proclaiming it as the best in Singapore, the new location, like their first outlet, also has a small interior which at best can seat 30 thereabouts. You can choose to seat at their counter area where you can have the bird’s eye view of the chef at work.

When we chanced upon it during a weekday afternoon, they are closed in between 3.30pm to 4.30pm, we came back just on time for their dinner operation hours, and within ten minutes of opening, the petite restaurant was almost full filled with customers craving for their ramen.

I asked the person-in-charge why didn’t they expand their new outlet since their original one is already a hit with its customers, and she explained that their stove could only cook that many bowl of ramen at one time, so it isn’t feasible to have more seats. And besides, some queue outside does make the restaurant look more popular isn’t it?

The spicy chicken soup ra-men with toppings, or Nama karashi ra-men ($12) is one of the three choices available at Marutama. A lone slice of char siu, seaweed, spring onions with the noodles, that’s it. The char siu was really excellent, thinly sliced, with the fats being just adequate. The meat was tasty and with the fatty portions, it did seem perfect, except for the fact there’s only a single slice of it. You can add the sliced roast pork for an additional $4 though.

The noodles were springy, but the chicken soup base was really salty. A tad heavy on the MSG, we needed to drink lots of water to drench our thirst.

Total bill was $14.04 for a bowl of ramen, a rather hefty price to pay when you consider the fact that the ramen only had a slice of char siu and noodles.The char siu was definitely good, but i’m not really a big fan of Japanese food, so it should take some time before i’m back for another bowl of ramen.

There are obviously fans and critics of Marutama ra-men. Fans whom rave about the authetic noodles, and critics who cite the salty soup and expensive bowl of ra-men. Nonetheless, Marutama must be doing something right with its long queue at the restaurants everyday. So who’s a fan and who’s not? Let me know with your comments!

Marutama ra-men
177 River Valley road
#02-01 Liang court
Tel: 6837 2480


I passed by this place just yesterday! You should try the egg (agi tama/ni tamago), that’s something I always look out for in a ramen restaurant.

read your blog on Marutama ra-men. From your description, I think you should give Santouka a try. Been there twice, love it. It’s at The Central too. #02-76. Their soup base is so far the best in Singapore. IMO.

haha, i had a really nice big bowl of “ramen” – mince pork noodles from fengshan market – damage $3.00…

hmm……..japanese ramen is over priced but nobody is complainingg

You should give their Ni-Tamago and Yaki-Char Siu a try! One of the best among all the ramen outlets. And I love their springy noodles too.

Unfortunately, Sporeans are still more accustomed to pork broth than Chicken broth – but I do find Ramen Santouka’s soup based oily. I think Ichibantei would provide a better alternative.

His Food Blogs last blog post..Wasabi Tei – A HFB’s Investigation

Saw this new outlet when I was at Liang Court last weekend. Haven’t had a chance to try their ramen yet. Hmm, too much msg is no good. Hehe..

Wanted to take a walk at Liang Court since their official opening was last Sat (I hope I am right) after dinner on Wednesday but I was stuck at Nectare…

Looks like I got to drop by Santouka and Marutama ra-men for a ramen fix… By the way, have you realized that Ajisen seems to increase the serving of their meat (in ramen), partcularly Ton Toro Ramen. I can’t finished all the meat…

azarael: yeah man its kind of pricey but everybody still love them!

HFB: the noodles are springy, agreed. Ya probably will try the other two if i go back next time.

didally: haha! go and try, but they got really long queues, so need to go at the correct timings.

fen: yep they got quite a lot of new shops, the whole area looks better than last time, used to be very dark and run-down, but now they are doing it like Central, with the Jap theme

DHny: ya ajisen ramen not very good i feel, haven try santouka, everybody’s talking about it when i mentioned ramen.

jaime: haha yeah a lot Jap restaurants to try : )

There is an extension wing to NorthPoint Shopping Centre (Yishun) and at this new wing, there is a Japanese Theme foodcourt. Maybe you can do a food review on this foodcourt since its new.

Just came back from Bugis, Tried the Ramen there today. Bishanmon at the basement. Ordered their Xmas special. Still find Santouka better. Bishanmon shoyu ramen taste is lighter than Santouka. Japanese in Singapore said that the taste of Santouka is most similar to ramen in Japan. And yes, must tried Santouka fried rice. Go there in a very empty stomach or you will regret it. ;)

My colleagues and I prefers Santouka to Marutama. I think Singaporeans prefers ‘heavier’ soup base. The pork cheek ramen at santouka rocks, really tender. But the grill char siu at Marutama is worth mentioning. Bishanmon is nothing memorable, you might as well pay a few bucks more for Santouka or Marutama.

hi! i ate marutama ramen once and i honestly didn’t find it fantastic at all.. the soup is too salty/oily and the char siu is yes, one piece, but most of all i think that the bakchormee at bedok 85 (which is less than 4bucks) tastes much better and has the springy noodles too! somehow the soup base of marutama ramen makes me feel a little gelat after awhile too.. but then again i’m probably just one of the rare few who won’t dine there again cos their outlet at central is always packed and the queue is always at least a 15mins wait..

hello pearl, yeah i guess taste is subjective, for those who love their ramen maybe they will like it, but i’m not really a big fan of Jap food, so i find it to be average, and the price is rather on the high side too.

but then cannot compare with bar chor mee la, the two are like quite far apart. haha. i felt the soup base was too salty, maybe too much MSG. yeah they always have long queues, and Singaporeans being Singaporeans like to queue, the longer the better :)

i’ve been to this place after walking around with my friends , other than the soup being salty i find it quite tasteless, or maybe its only my bowl ?

Ramen has to come with chilli oil ! as a chilli lover , i cant do without chilli , but they brought me some kind of weird chilli which yes, is chilli but dont suit the ramens ,

overall , disappointing . its a tad expensive for a bowl of salty soup yet a lil tasteless ramen with no chilli oil provided .

Will only recommend it to those that likes a lighter base soup , i’d prefer ajisen !

jesss last blog post..

Jess: ya its certainly expensive for a bowl of ramen. its not that light in taste la, just that ajisen one is definitely much stronger, in fact too much MSG for my liking

How can we compare two different broth ramen together? Santouka is more to miso & pork soup base ramen whereas Marutama is pure chicken soup mixed with shio da rei (salt seasoning)! I think that, there isnt a need to compare each ramen shop here. This would be rather unfair for them, sometimes it could be due to humans error which cause the ramen to be overrated. (it could be, the noodles that was made on that day, the timing of boiling the soup etc)

I think that we should nt come out with a conclusion on any particular ramen shop so easily, based on only one soup base ramen or only one side dish. ( try different kinds for a few times ) then make your conclusion!

Do give your comments or feedback after trying the ramen to the chef. Most probably they will make it better next time. You will never know!!

Anyway anymore recommendation of new ramen? I would really prefer those that are authentic and not like ” ice cream ramen” that kind. haha.

from negitamago (:

negitamago: ya i agreed we shouldn’t really compare since they are both established ramens and the style of cooking differs. I guess people tend to become critics easily, we shld just go down and enjoy the ramen! haha i’m waiting for recommendation of other ramen as well. Thanks for leaving your comment : )


Menya Shinchan Japanese noodle

30 Robertson Quay #01-05 Riverside View.

Ramen is Art (:

I have been there personally, and I thought that it was another ramen place that you shouldnt miss!

Try their Shinjiro Ramen !

hii, another place is Noodle House Ken at Somerset.. ssrruppp so yummy..
are you like take photo of food and beverage? i like to take photo for those.

erm, wifey dont seem to like ken! if I were you guys, I would stick to Marutama, its good and quite close to japan’s noodle in texture and in soup base. Ken’s soup and noodle texture dont impress us, one visit to Ken and it made us firm fan of Marutama, No more Ken’s for us

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