Collon: Japanese snacks part 2

Another very familiar biscuit that you will surely see before in your childhood days. Collon is virtually present at all leading supermarkets, so you must be wondering, why did i even bother to do a write-up on this? The typical collon is in the standard, chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavours. But this one here caught my partner’s attention as there’s a cheesecake picture on the box. Picture does tells a thousand words after all!

However, the small tiny roll with “cheesecake” cream sorely disapointed us. The taste was very subtle, almost non-existance, more like the normal vanilla than cheesecake. So don’t bother buying this when you see it the next time round at Meidi-ya.

This is a series of posts on Japanese snack, stay tune for the
Japanese snacks part 3!