Soyako: Smooth smooth beancurds

Soya beans are scientifically proven to have many benefits, personally i’ll like to think that bean curds from soya beans help to beautify the skin, because they are so so smooth and velvety! I always had my fix of bean curds from Soyako whenever i visited Bukit Timah food centre since its so near to my place.

I haven’t try the famous Yong He soy milk at Geylang, so there isn’t any board to compare against. But i like Soyako’s rendition, silky to the esophagus, and furthermore there’s a plus point, it’s freshly made on the spot!

116 Upper Bukit timah road
#02-166 Bukit timah food centre
Tel: 9733 1107


straight bus to bt timah from yr place, bus 185? :p

yonghe sucks! tried once few years back and that was the 1st and the last for me. didn’t like the youtiao, the tau huay was mediocre, and the guotie we ordered, the skin was so tough and the insides were cold!

yO LIC! yah i agree that yonghe is not as nice as before, their standard kinda dropped. have you tried the Rochor beancurd? its very nice too!! hehe.

yup yong he is not nice. tried it only once n decided not to go back anymore. not my type of soyabean drink n beancurd. i still stick to rochor beancurd, the one at middle road. but i recently got a liking to selegie soyabean too :)

Is Yong He the one that sells the sweet and salty beancurd? I tried one of these stores in Gelyang but not sure is that Yong He… That store mixed up my order completely. I want salty soya milk, they gave me sweet. I want salty glutinous rice, they gave me sweet. Pengz…

yong he is no big deal actually. i didn’t like it when i tried it and i never went back. still prefer the tau huay at a stall at boon lay place market. haha. will try this one soon cos it’s so near to school!

evan: hahaha, nope i got a lot of buses from my place to bukit timah. but my side don’t have 185 eh. ha

yixuan: wow you finally leave a comment! lol! ahh.. i don’t know cos i never been there before. So it’s just a famous brand? haha

sihan: yep, fellow westie! me bukit batok : )

elvadrieng: :)

wj: so many people say not nice, so there should be some truth to it eh? haha. must try it for myself next time to see whether really not good or not.

foodiequeen: yep, i always have it when i am there

fen: i’m not too sure, because i haven’t been there. but heard about it as it’s pretty famous.

christy: haha! i haven try mr bean beancurd before, only had their drinks before.

fen: really? will try next time! you mean beancurd you add soya milk to it? haha. i never try before, its always bean curd, and soya milk separately.

wentong: another one who don’t like yong he. haha

Hi. I tried soyako yesterday and i felt it was one of the worst beancurd i ever had. the beancurd was hard.. not even jelly soft, but more of the agar agar kind of texture..

is it just me? =X

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