Oomphatico’s: Alice in wonderland

“Alice is bored of sitting on the riverbank with her sister, who is reading a book. Suddenly she sees a white rabbit run past wearing a coat and carrying a watch, lamenting running late. She follows it down a rabbit hole and falls very slowly down a tunnel lined with curious objects. She lands in a long hallway lined with locked doors..”

Stepping inside Oomphatico’s, you are instantly teleported down the rabbit hole, into the world of Alice in wonderland. With its bold and fun design, incoporating of vibrant and cheerful colours, together with the white-and-elegant furnitures, the European style was stamped all over the interior.

There’s also a nice al fresco area just beside the Trader’s hotel lobby. It marks a change from the normal al fresco area which will be under the mercy of the weather as it’s a sheltered area.

The use of the funky design in Oomphatico’s make it stand out from the rest. The focus is on red, black and white, which is also evident in their menu. Oomphatico’s actually aims to serve healthy and hearty food, using organic ingredients, and they have an all-day breakfast menu to cater to you sleepyheads who can’t wait up early for the most important meal of the day.

Buonito! ($9.50)

Berries and vanilla yogurt. An excellent alternative to decadent desserts. The initial flavor was sour with the berries coming into play. But with hard work, there’s result. The vanilla sweetened the sour berries and carved out a balanced taste. The bottle’s definitely adorable, but the Buonito! was priced on the high side, which i rather spend the money on a dessert.

Bella Margarita ($16.50)

With a choice of plain, ham or herbed pizza base, Oomphatico’s offered a twist to the 5 pizza selections. Our Bella Margarita’s the classic with Oomphatico’s magic makeover, topped with cream cheese, garlic and pepper. On paper, the pizza might seem ordinary, but it was the plain June and average Joe, the normal ingredients which made the pizza a good pick.

Our ham base, paper-thin pizza was crispy. The combination of the ingredients provided a spark when eaten with the thin pizza. The serving was generous, and you ought to share this around, the two of us couldn’t finish it. Something that’s ordinary might not be bad, that’s why they called it the classic.

The Farmers Club ($14)

Chicken, bacon, chedder cheese, avocado, and eggs. In short, everything you need for a hearty and full sandwich. The farmers club got everything of that, with one side two sandwiches coming in the form of bacon and egg, and the other end chicken.

Sandwiches at $14 might seem a tad expensive, but this one’s an exceptional. There’s four sandwiches to share, with giant portion of the chicken bites on two of the sandwich. The chicken bites marginated with pepper, were tasty.

The bacon and eggs on the other side of the two sandwiches, were good and reliable. But the bread’s the one that was laudable. This was not your normal gardenia bread, the slightly toasted bread showed some hints of being toast, yet it wasn’t too hard when bread remained too long in the toaster.

Total Bill was $47.08 for two person. Prices are slightly on the high side, but then again, there’s the novelty of the place, and the big portion of the food to contend with. Two of us couldn’t finish what you see on the table, and i suspected three person sharing two orders might be just nice.

Oomphatico’s ventured to where others didn’t, and provided a new focal point with its innovative menu, the entertaining & cute environment, and better-than-expected food. I heard critics sharpening their knives and complaining about the place, but i say ignore them, for Oomphatico’s definitely packed with the oomph factor!

The restaurant’s an excellent venue for your girl-friends meetups, relaxing high tea, or even a romantic and cute place to bring your partner to, enter the world of Alice, in Wonderland! I dare say i’ll return again, at least until the novelty wears out. Then maybe they will come up with something different to capture my imagination again.

163 Tanglin Road
#01-35 Tanglin Mall
Tel: 6733 9088

Oomphatico’s is listed as one of ladyironchef’s favorite restaurants in Singapore