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There are so many different types of desserts out there, so what’s your favourite? Chocolate cakes? Gourmet cheesecakes? Everybody has their own preference, i’ll say i love any types of desserts, and will willingly try all of them. The thing that i enjoyed about the pastry is that they ain’t just pretty to look at, they are also delightfully good.

So does that means that you can’t have a good chocolate cake if you want a similarity excellent cheesecake? Fortunately at Obolo, you can have the best of both worlds without any compromise.

From what was then an online patisserie to the boutique patisserie you see today at Joo Chiat, Obolo has gone a long way serving its gourmet cheesecakes and chocolate cakes. The flagship store opened in June 2007, almost a year plus already, provided a retail avenue for Obolo to showcase its repertoire of desserts.

The boutique de pâtisserie had a sleek and clean look, with the clever use of mirrors to create a bigger impression of the place. Nonetheless the small pastry restaurant can hardly sit more than 10, and it’s quite a squeeze in there.

Obolo’s famous for their signature New York cheesecake, which looked stunning with three ginormous strawberries. But we couldn’t possibly missed out on Noisette, and since we favoured chocolate over cheese, we decided to pick the latter. My friend and I decided to opt for an all-out chocolate feast, with all our selections chocolaty to prevent a clash of flavours over the chocolate and cheese.

Noisette ($6.70)

Dark chocolate mousse, caramelised toasted hazulnuts, crunchy praline feullitine, chocolate genoise. Noisette was the cake that put Obolo among the Sunday Times top 50 cakes. It got a smooth texture, not overly sweet. The Noisette was rich with chocolate and hazelnut flavours.

I particularly enjoyed the crunchy praline feullitine base, but the layer was too thin! It would definitely be better if there’s another layer in between the mousse.

Le Cassis ($6.70)

Dark Chocolate ganache mousse, cassis ivoire mousse, praline feulletine base and moist dark chocolate-almond biscuit layers. Le Cassis certainly looked pleasing to the eyes with its bright colour combination. The sour blackcurrent actually helped to smooth out the sweetness of the cake, which created a nice balance between sweet and sour.

With the cassis (blackcurrent) ivorie mousse on top, and the dark chocolate mousse enveloped in between the two layers of chocolate-almond biscuit, it provided a good blend of different taste. The cassis sour, the dark chocolate slightly bitter-sweet, the chocolate biscuit layer and the praline feulletine base added the crunchy sweet component.

Bittersweet Macaron ($1.80)

To continue with the chocolate-feast, we had the bittersweet macarons. Dark chocolate, not too sweet nor too bitter, just nice for the taste bud. It could be a double-edge thing though, in the shoe of those who didn’t fancy bitter chocolates, this would do nicely. But for the dark chocolate purist, the bittersweet macarons could be a tad sweet.

Hazelnut Macaron ($1.80)

The hazelnut taste was definitely there, the texture of the hazelnut macarons shells were chewy and the fillings in between was velvety and fulsome. Being a hazelnut fan, I immediately went for this one when i saw the lists of flavours available, with the others being cassis, rose, pistache, mango passion, raspberry, ruby, chocolate passion, vanille, and pabana.

Total bill was $17 for 2 cakes and 2 macarons, which made a nice treat for after-meal desserts. Obolo definitely got prospect with its gourmet cheesecake and range of desserts, which made me wondered why didn’t they set up a branch in town. Obolo’s owner June explained that they are looking into expanding, so we can be looking forward to another branch probably next year.

With around 11 different type of cakes to choose from, Obolo is constantly coming up with new flavours, having said that, you should be able to find one that suits your taste bud. Prices can be considered slightly high given their inaccessible location, and that Canele’s charging similar prices. But i think for the Easterners, Obolo’s definitely a place for your treats of desserts.

452 Joo Chiat Road
Tel: 6348 9791


thks goodness u did an intro for Obolo, cos im plannin to order their fanciful cakes n entrees for my bday..hope my buddies lyk dem… =D hmmm…i heart everiting on their menu…. *salivating*

yesh.. i discovered obolo reallie early on and have been a big fan! glad u got to try it. ordered petite desserts from them for my bdae too! Never regretted that.

wah, i’ve been wanting to check out obolo for a long time but joo chiat is like….really far! i guess the closest i can get to them is using the recipes from their ‘crave’ book haha.

the desserts look really good, and your pics look good! did u buy a macro lens oredi? but glad i managed to try some when i was invited to sihan’s bday party last dec hehe. the place looks so tiny tho’, reminds me of yakun.

Evan, to me, it is always satisfying to go to new areas for cakes and pastries. Ultimately, Singapore so small, hard-to-access areas usually give a different opinion on Singapore… In fact, I stayed in the West, ventured to East pretty often. Should drop by Joo Chiat, lots of good food…

LIC, using dSLR? Lovely pictures, I feel so ashamed with my photos… haha… Can’t wait to meet up for cakes… muahahaha…

Sihan, what are the petite desserts obolo offer? I didn’t know about that…

Evan:Yar! u must venture to joo chiat! there’s so much good food there! Crave is a good book though.

Fen: I want my share of cake too.. *pouts*.. anyway, obolo does cakes in reallie small sizes for party favors and orders. Its in their dessert couture section. Just the same stuff that they offer in their cafe but in smaller proportions. Great for parties!

Sihan : u still dare to say?? that time when we met i suggested obolo and u said joo chiat is far. we ended up at pan pacific’s atrium deli which was a super duper lousy experience! meeting u was good tho :p

Evan, what happen at Pan Pacific’s atrium deli? It is just a take-away counter right, also got bad experience? care to share?

fen : i mean the food, it was terrible. they’re famous for their choc eclairs rite? we bought one, it was horrible! i cant exactly rem what the taste was like, but it was like really hard. then i ordered a raspberry saches cake, also quite bad. i barely finished 1 mouthful. and the turkey chicken croissant i ordered was cold and they didn’t even bother to heat up at least the croissant, just served me the whole thing right out from the fridge. i guess the saving grace was perhaps sihan’s chilled passionfruit cheesecake, which was quite ok. i posted the pics on flickr, then one of the flickr ppl told me they changed their pastry chef thats why. lotsa ppl hv feedbacked since. i hope that new chef get sacked!

That was pretty surprising. I heard about their chocolate eclairs but apparently they don’t have it off the shelf, requires advance order. I tried the green tea red bean, the Chocolate Royal Cake and the mini macarons, not too bad. In fact, my sister like the Chocolate Royal Cake.

Renee: Yeah no problem, what are you going to order? check out their website, they got prices and everything noted there.

Sihan: hahahah! so you are a fan of them? how much u pay for their petite desserts? how they charge one?

Foodiequeens: lol! serious eh? but you were not there right?

evan: haha. I went to joo chiat already, and i live in bukit batok remember? lol! I haven got macro lens, still contemplating. No la, my pictures really pales in comparison to yours, seriously : )

yixiao: :)

Fen: yeah agreed with you, i live in the west too, and starting to venture more into the east which got more good food. haha. yep, i using dslr, nikon d40 with kit lenses. Thinking of getting a better lens. You shld buy dslr for food photography, i never looked back since i got mine. It’s a really worthwhile investments!

Julie: In that case, i must really visit Canele soon, i been talking abt it for so so long, yet didn’t have the right company to go there yet. haha

Evan: Oh, Pan pac atrium deli was so bad eh? i was thinking of buying cakes from them to try.

Haha, I don’t have to buy a dSLR, daddy got one… but I am still not comfortable bringing a big camera with me…

Wow, didn’t realize quite a fair bit of us actually stays in the west… Can’t wait till Nov for LIC’s cake hunt… Maybe we should go Canele and order everything from their shelf… Muahahaha…

cake hunt in nov?? count me in!!!! where we heading brad? :D

fen : u like canele’s cakes so much? my $0.02 is, they’re just mediocre. haha.

Fen: lol! what’s yr daddy model? Just bring out and use man. The photo qualities are really amazing. hahaha

evan: yeah definitely. No idea yet, thinking of choosing one bakery/patisserie then we go eat up all their cakes and desserts. haha

Evan: I never fancy Canele, I patronize them because most Singaporeans seems to be recommending their desserts… I never have my satisfaction index shot up rocket high… However, I have reserve my tummy for your desserts next week… Sorry about the late transfer…

LIC: It is the Olympus e330… I brought it out this afternoon while visiting Laurent Bernard, some of it is already published on my blog… Daddy is currently using FZ50, a prosumer for its IS and zoom… I have attached his photo collection in your Nikon Macro entry… Do drop by and have a look…

=D well…i’ve decided on their mango-passion cheesecake, guanaja, noisette and tiramisu as well as 4 lovely macarons..omg cant wait to receive dem tis fri..!! it’s ald tantalizing to view dem via their website… *o*

Hi, This is an urgent message for Renee. On Tuesday 14 Oct, we received a phone order from Ms Matilda who placed an order for “mango-passion cheesecake, guanaja, noisette and tiramisu as well as 4 lovely macarons”.
She mentioned that she has emailed us the delivery details (location and timing) but till now we have yet to receive. Our staff also failed to take down her contact number or email. So if Renee or Ms Matilda reads this entry, please call 6348 9791 to provide the details. Thank you.

Management, Obolo
(If any other blogger reads this entry and knows Renee personally or has her contact info, please kindly notify us at 9008 4220 or 6348 9791. Your help is much appreciated)

Hi Obolo management,

I did provide the email but I supposed it did not mail successfully though. I’ve provided my further details to ur staff just now, hence I apologise for the inconvenience n tardiness caused. Look forward to receive the items. =)

Hi Renee,
No worries =) Thank you so much for getting back to us! Your items will be delivered to you on Friday as per your request. Thanks again for ordering from Obolo!
for Obolo

I’m thinking of getting noisette for a friend’s birthday. how is noisette compared to Laurent Bernard’s Pure?

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