Mien by Firstpasta: Italiano in the heartlands

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When i mentioned spaghetti, did you immediately thought of the mind-blowing carbonara at La Strada’s, or that excellent plate of pasta you had at Da Paolo’s, or even the relatively average angel hair at Bonta’s? You got me wrong of course, we are on a budget course here, and all your luxurious thoughts will crash with our initial plans. How about a plate of pasta at $4? What do you think?

Chicken and tomato pasta ($4)

Just nestled within Bukit Timah food centre, there’s Mien by Firstpasta, which was opened by the chef and his wife, with their children watching by the sidelines. There wasn’t anything intriguing about their pasta, just a generous and hearty portion of the Italiano’s staple.At $4, you can’t really complain! When you are on a budget deficit, and don’t have the lavish of buying the $30 spaghetti, here’s the place!

Mien by Firstpasta
116 Upper Bukit Timah Road
#02-195 Bukit Timah Food Centre


bt timah hawker centre? one of my favorite places to eat! will check out the pasta nx time, and you just painfully reminded me of the very expensive squid ink pasta i got from culina that day – $32 for 500g *heart bleed* i must buy a pasta maker n make my own nx time :(

Haha, I can recognise the boss from your photo. If I am not mistaken, he had a store previously at Macpherson…

My whole family love his pasta as it is the dried and tossed with olive oil and simple ingredients. Usually, pasta is the yummiest at its “no frill” format…

Haven’t been to Bukit Timah Food Centre for a long time, I miss the Teochew Fish porridge sold by the old couple. I had it since I am young before the food centre undergoes the massive renovation…

Huh, when I saw the signboard I immediately recognized it. My hubby and I love this quick simple no frill pasta place .. good and inexpensive. The portions are small enough for the 2 of us to order 3 different pastas. You should try their basil pesto if you haven’t … yummy!

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evan: is the pasta from culina any good? squid ink pasta eh? i heard from my partner she had good squid ink pasta at Galbiati @ railmall

fen: ya simple and cheap pasta. ah, my family also like the teochew fish porridge there, but not sure whether its still there or not]

jo: wow, you all ordered 3 pastas to share? what did you have before?

pammie: how come? :)

After taking another long look at this post, I suddenly realised that I tried this stall before. I can;t quite recall but if I was not wrong, there was nothing wonderful about the pasta. In fact there a particular pasta that was rather bad. (went there last year)

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Love your blog! I am German and I used to live in Singapore between 1988 and 1999. I miss the food terribly. Since I come back visiting every year I can stock up on ingedients nicely. Regarding your photo of the Italian stall. I think I recognize an old friend of mine, the Chinese guy, smiling. Could you find out for me whether his name is James Tan? I would love to contact him.
Thank you so much!

elvadrieng: hahaha, its cheap la, so no complaints : )

Bettina: Thanks for reading my blog, i’m not too sure whether if his name is James Tan, will help you find out the next time i go Bukit Timah centre! No problem :)

If anyone of you goes to eat at James’s stall again, could you please give him a hug from his old German friend, Bettina.

Hi Hi,

Actually I like to go to BT food center, alot of choices down there!

Recently there’s a new stall Le Pasta, it’s very good as well! They uses truffle oil which I know from the boss that’s its $20++ for a small bottle.

I understand from the boss that he once work in a high class italian restaurant, and trust me, a definitly must try is their mushroom soup and Frutti De marie (seafood pasta). In his ex-restaurant, the mushroom soup selling at $10+ but here, he sells $2.80 only, and I can see that he uses real mushroom to cook instead of the can soup. Their seafood is really fresh as well! Simply delish!

Go try go try, no regrets! Restaurant style food for hawker price.. Yummy! I shall go back again tml! Heheh


Carrie: yeah i saw Le pasta that time, and my first impression was “a copy of Mien”? Because everything looks the same, from the pastas, to the plates used, to the signboard. ya but prices are cheap in the hawker centre setting. will go and try next time : )

About last week visit hans at pickering, my husband and I ate at Cafe This Way and had an excellent meal. We were really looking forward to going back there a second time which we did to visit last sunday. Unfortunately it was such a disappointment this time. Although the service was poor attitude, the food was actually pretty poor. I couldn’t even finish them. My husband had the halibut which was completely bland.
I am guessing it was an off night in the kitchen, but because of this experience and the price of the food, I don’t want to take another chance in returning and having the same thing happen. I won’t be back.

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