Hort Park: A walk in the park

I went to Hort Park, the gardening hub last Saturday and took some pictures with the new lens, 50mm F1.8. This post won’t be a food-related review, so if you are at LIC for just the food, do bear with it. Hort park is a nice place for families and love ones to go to, for some fresh air and a glimpse of nature. Who say there’s no gardens in Singapore?


Wow, there is a difference when macros lens is used… My goodness, the blurring of the background is so flawless…

Evan’s pictures are of so different perspective from LIC’s. Thank you LIC for the post and Evan for her link, nice photos to look at in the morning…

LIC, you might wanna try high key shots if you like flowers close-up. The sunlight will penetrate the petals of flowers and thus giving translucent effects. With the sun-rays, more details can be captured. Morning dews on the flowers are lovely too, this adds drama to pictures, just my 2 cents worth…

Boy, meeting Evan and Sihan was so pleasant, I can’t wait for your cake hunt…

i been to hort part too! i was reluntance when my aunt ask me to accompany her. But hort park was really refreshing, it’s not like u everyday get to see so much flowers and plant in one place.

I went there 2 months ago and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. However my pics are not as nice. lol

They change their setup every now and then.

evan: your photos are much nicer than mine! much clearer and sharper, some of mine a bit blur. haha. yeah man, we can organise photography taking section, den after that go somewhere eat : )

fen: i not using macro lens! the 50mm f1.8 lens only, which is better than taking portrait shots than close up shots. but i try taking it anyway. haha. ya evan pictures different perspectives from mine. what’s high key shot? ya i know morning dews are lovely, but that day i go no dew left man!

james: hahahah. cheers man!

sp: its just beside your work place, been there yet?

didally: haha! where’s yr link for your photos? see see! oh really? do you know how often they change the settings?

It’s not major change, just some minor adjustment of the props here and there. Saw different layout in the photo exhibition room.

My photos all rot in my hard disk and memory cards. No uploads. LOL

didally: speaking of that, when are you going to update your blog? i been waiting for so long for you to write a new entry. lol!

wentong: hahaha. thanks, the last time you can see photos taken with the 50mm. Have fun with yours! I’m probably going to get the 60mm micro lens in Nov : )

My bad, I just let the cat out of the bag that I did little photography… :P

I always have a misconception that a small f is a macro lens. Pardon me for the mistake.

High Key is an intensive use of contrast whereby the background is bright and close to white. This can be done by bringing exposure levels to high values.

I have seen one of my daddy’s shots in which he took a picture of birds of paradise against the white sky and the effect is like a piece of chinese painting… Something different to play with…

The other thing I recall after chatting with daddy over breakfast is that instead of buying a macro lens, you might want to consider extension tubes. Search for books (e.g. Understanding exposure and Learning to see creativity) of a popular photographer, Bryan Peterson in the library, his pictures are breathtaking and he uses extension tubes for his macros shots. When taking photos of insects, the problem with macros lens is that one has to be close to the object and often these insects are never good models… With an extension tube fixed onto telephoto lens, it allows you to enlarge with the telephoto but still maintain a good working distance. I am not sure about the details but you might want to keep a lookout of these gadgets.

fen: hahahah! fen you should use yr dad dslr more often, somemore you can save on buying one. lol! ya i heard about extension tubes but it sounds complicated. i think i jus save the trouble and buy macro lens instead. lol! anyway cos taking mostly food don’t need to have the distance, for taking insects which might move, more impt to have longer distance. thanks for the info!

I am trying to bring the dSLR but it is much heavier than D40 and EOS 450 due to its live view. Duo mirror mechanism thus bigger cammie body.

Wow very nice photos. I’ve also been tempted to get a Nifty Fifty (50mm) lens too. Hmmmm!

Wah, Fen knows a lot more about photography than I do!

Hort Park looks gorgeous, but hot weather can be a deterrent, no? Still, it’s bliss to be surrounded by nature.

Camemberus last blog post..Bourbon’s Vanilla Roanne

camberu: hahahaha. just take the plurge! since you also take quite a lot of portrait shots of yr kids. ya it’s quite hot there, but once in a while its nice to walk around, breathing nature and taking photos : )

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