Heng Leong oyster omelete: Not as before

Oyster omelete or ‘hao jian’ is another popular dish in our local hawker scene. Who can resist the big pearly oyster together with the tasty omelete? Not me, i’m a big fan of omelete, but i’ll rather it be shrimp than oyster anyday.My family always frequent Heng Leong for their oyster omelete.

Fried Oyster Omelete ($4)

Although both oyster omelete and carrot cake both used eggs as the chief ingredient, but the former is always more expensive than the latter since oyster is being used. But given a choice, i’ll go for fried carrot cake since i don’t really like oyster. Back to the point, we felt that Heng Leong’s oyster omelete was not as good as it was before, the omelete wasn’t as well-fried, somehow, the feeling wasn’t right.

Heng Leong Oyster omelete
116 Upper Bukit timah road
Bukit timah food centre


My Mom can cook better, but without the Oyster, but still taste good, she put prawn, egg, flour, starch. Cos my family don’t like to eat oyster.

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