Tiong Bahru Chicken Noodle

Tiong Bahru Market is often associated with good food, and stalls obviously want to put in “Tiong Bahru” into their stall names for two reasons; first they are really the original stalls from the old Tiong Bahru, or they probably added in to give the impression that they are “old name” when they are actually not.

What’s the difference between curry noodle and laksa? Actually I’m not quite sure myself too, but i guess the obvious differences are their ingredients, curry noodles has chicken, potatoes which are not found in laksa.

Curry Noodle ($3)

The curry noodle was decent, with a rather generous serving of shreded chicken, tau pok, and potatoes. But it still can’t beat the famous one at Hong Lim food centre though. Besides curry chicken noodle, they also got quite a variety of other chicken dishes like lemon chicken rice and curry chicken feet.

Tiong Bahru Chicken Noodle
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