Mr Bean: Life’s simple pleasures

Life’s simple pleasures. I liked Mr bean’s tagline, it’s easy enough, and i thought it conveyed the message quite well. I never really noticed it before since i didn’t try them. Have you felt the beauty of a smile, the warmth of a touch or the bliss of simply watching the world go by, the goodness of Mr bean soya milk’s a life simple pleasure.

The branch at Raffles Place MRT is always packed with the office crowd, a light breakfast before starting a new day at work, some beverage for after-lunch, or also a quick bite before going home. My partner thinks that Mr Bean’s definitely better than Jollibean, well it won’t be fair to comment on that since i haven’t try both Mr bean and jolli bean soya milk.

Bandung soya milk

My partner’s a fan of their bandung soya milk. I had a sip of it, and although i didn’t really like bandung, the taste was quite all right, not as sweet as i thought it’ll be. In fact it’s quite light, and there’s a subtle hint of soya milk combined with the bandung, certainly a healthier drink compared to having bandung alone.

Taking a quick glance at Mr bean’s menu, they have a wider variety of soya milk, 14 if you included the icy versions, and i am quite intrigued by their honeydew soya milk. Given the wide-spread locations of Mr bean islandwide, it won’t be a problem picking up one of them next time!

Mr bean
5 Raffles place #B1-42
Raffles Place MRT station


Stella: yeah no worries, a lot of people thought that ladyironchef’s a female, because of the word lady. Thats why i always signed off as brad so as not to let people mistake : )

Fave soy store! Ice cream is nicer than
Macs. Pancake is always crispy on outside and chewy in inside.

Nice post. I love Mr Bean and their products – especially their soy ice cream. I agree – their tagline and mascot is both clever and incredibly cute. Unfortunately I haven’t had Mr Bean in months because I visited Singapore during the summer, but I don’t live there. Guess I’ll have to wait until next time I’m in Singapore before I can enjoy the soy ice cream again!

Happened to see this post. Mr Bean rox!!

They have this new mango soy ice blended drink that is soo yummilicious yet healthy. =D

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