Languly: Vanilla cream sandwich cookie

Ever since a friend introduced me to Indguly vanilla cream sandwich cookie, i’m absolutely hooked to it! An indulgence, biting on the lightly sweetened and exquisite vanilla cream sandwiched between delicate Langue de chat cookies.

The box (135.2gm) comes with two such packets, with a total of 12 cookies.

Light, dainty, exquisite is the vanilla cream.

So aromatic that the cream is akin to vanilla perfume.

The delicate and tantalising cookies make every bite so perfect.

One box is definitely not enough, sinfully guilty, delightfully good!

21 COMMENTS Nope, only try the vanilla one so far. will get the choc one next time :)

foodiegymmie: Ooh.. its the same one? i see, the chocolate flavor is talking about

elvadriengs: its about 4+ per box, i got them from NTUC finest at bukit timah.

I think this is another version of the green/white hokkaido’s biscuit. I haven’t tried this yet but I love the hokkaido’s one. Will try finding it at Central!

Hi, this biscuits is one of my favourie and one of the best biscuits.
It’s something similar to the Hokkaido’s speciality but I feel that this particular one taste much much better than the Hokkaido’s one.
If you’re in Japan, can get the smaller box at 100 Yen per box at 100 Yen shop.
And lastly the chocolate ones taste good as well but the vanilla ones taste better !!!

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i’ve seen the hokkaido one being sold in that japanese supermarket at the basement of Central (clarke quay) but i think they’ve only got one flavour for the hokkaido one.

they sell the one that lic posted up too! =D

and i totally love it! yum yum

Where can you buy the languly I purchased a box at a store about 45 minutes away. Nothing close to me. Anyone seen any online?

the hokkaido one is actually white chocolate(for the dark green packaging) and milk chocolate(for the white packaging).

bought it at japan’s DFS, costs 15 SGD a box.

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