Home-made char siew: Simply goodness

Char siew and roast pork rank very highly among the parts of the pork that i love to eat. While there are people who doesn’t like char siew as they got “porky” after-taste, i simply adore it. Sinful as they may sound to you, you are totally missing out! My advice to those who feared for their coronary vessels after eating fatty char siew? Do more exercise dude!

There are different variations to char siew, the lean and the fatty one. Personally i felt that char siew cannot be too lean, the portion of fatty to lean meat must be just right. With some bites of fatty meat in between, there’s the melt-in-your-mouth effect!

Anyway, i think most people will have the impression that char siew is red in colour since the char siew sold everywhere are red, but actually they are not! It’s the red colouring added that makes them red, brighter and nicer in appearance. Since we make our char siew at home, we didn’t put any colouring at all, which explains the brown char siew you are looking at.

Home-made Char siew

500g pork (wu hua rou)
2-3 tbps light sauce
Ginger sauce
Slight pepper
2 tbps honey

Pounce some ginger to extract the ginger sauce. Marinated the pork with the light sauce, ginger sauce and some pepper (depending on your preferred taste). To start cooking, heat up the pan without any cooking oil in it. Put in the pork and see the sizzling effect, the fatty parts of the pork will produce the “natural oil” needed for cooking.

Switch the fire to large, and cover the pan to cook the char siew. Occasionally check on the char siew, by then you’ll have notice there’s water coming out from the pork. After about 20min, switch the fire to small, and continue to let it cook slowly.

After about 40-45mins, check on the char siew, if it’s towards the golden brown stage, it’s almost ready. Add in the 2tbps of honey and close the cover to let the pork absorb the sweetness of the honey for a few minutes. You are ready to serve! Cut the char siew into thick and big slices to enjoy oomph effect!