Haato: follow your heart

After meeting you once,

I could never forget the encounter.

We had so many tries, that I overlook your existance.

Still, I believe, we should remain separately.

For I have since found my new love, the lovely in pink.

We, Banana and chocolate should never have got together.

For I realise, the lovely in pink watermelon’s better for me.

Now do you remember?

Water melon sorbet and banana chocolate gelato

177 River Valley Road
#B1-50 Liang Court

ps: this post’s inspired after reading the many excellent writes from
black tie, white lie


hey i finally made a post hahaha. i tried the banana choco before, it’s fantastic! really can taste both banana and chocolate, u get what i mean right? haha. i tried azabu-sabo’s too, but can only taste more of banana instead of both choco n banana.

banana n choco – perfect combi~

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