The dim sum fiesta

Dim sum is a familiar name among the food pilgrimages, sipping a cup of your favourite tea and taking a nibble of the delicate dim sum, akin to being in blissful seventh heaven.

The name of a Chinese cuisine which involves a wide range of light dishes served alongside Chinese tea, Dim sum is to the Chinese, what Degustion is to the French, and Tapas to the Spanish.

The work of a dim sum is analogous to a piece of beautiful artwork, so exquisite and fine, that taking a bite you can virtually savor the effort the chef has put into making this a winner.

The high-tier restaurants are always pricey, especially so when most of them charges by per portion, therefore it is always good to try them out with their dim sum.

I always have a predilection for dim sum, and it comes as no surprise that i am constantly on the lookout for places be it restaurants or eateries which can answer to my nature‚Äôs call, a delightful meal of dim sum which can satisfy my stomach’s cravings. Thus, i have compiled a short list of places which either from word of mouth, or by sheer prestige reputation, fyi.

  • Asia Grand restaurant
  • Cherry Garden
  • Dim Joy
  • Dragon Phoenix restaurant
  • East Ocean restaurant
  • Hua ting
  • Lei garden
  • Kam Boat dim sum
  • Royal China
  • Shang Palace
  • Summer Palace
  • Wah lok

The list is indefinite and do feel free to help me add on to it with recommendations. Now dim sum is not a viable choice for organising food outing, at most a table of ten. I call upon you to let me know if you are also a fan of dim sum, so that you can be part of the table on the dim sum expedition.

Let the dim sum fiesta begins . . .