SLII Muffin

SLII Muffin is quite prominent in the Marina Square food loft, since its the only shop that looks rather empty and selling muffin in a food court certainly draws attention. Curiosity kills the cat, and i can’t help myself in buying a muffin and tart.

Prices are reasonable, with $1.50 being the highest. There’s the promotion of buy 5 get 1 free, however i wasn’t feeling very adventurous that day, and my friend ain’t a fan of muffin and tart, so there’s no way i can finish all 6.

There are quite many variety to choose from, and i find myself looking at strawberry, raisin, lemon, cranberry, even black sesame muffin! In the end LIC decided to go for the safe choice, chocolate chip muffin and chocolate cheese tart.

Chocolate Cheese tart ($1.50)

I didn’t make a wrong choice on the chocolate cheese tart. The fillings were cheesy and coupled with chocolate, wins the thumbs up from me. The tart is cris, and not those soft type, the chocolate swirl does makes a pretty scene. And at $1.50 for quite a big tart, i think its rather worth the price.

Chocolate chip muffin ($1.20)

The chocolate chips on the muffins are big and chocolaty, and the muffin body is soft and fluffy. Always a safe option if you are not feeling too adventurous. While not exactly a fan of muffins, i thought this one is rather all right, given i did not set high hopes since this is found in a food court.

SLII Muffin
Marina Square Food Loft
6 Raffles Boulevard
Level 4 Marina Square


ooo u did pop by @ Marina Sq foodcourt..I normally went dere but evriting jus dun suit blah nw except the curry chicken noodle..maybe I shall try their muffins but may I recommend tat I heart ‘Little Jerry’ muffins n chiffon cakes..they haf the softest muffins n pandan/choc chiffon cakes dat I oways crave for..hurhur.. =P

mama bok: hahaha, how come everything u all have there doesn’t seems very good one? whats good at yr side? : )

pawpaw: hahaha ya given its a food court.

sihan: yep! baker must try den tell me their standard. haha. i thought it is decent for the price.

renee: yeah everything doesn’t suits me as well. haha! but i think the roast duck there is quite good, but that day quite full already so never try. Ah, little jerry one i haven try yet.

didally: hahahaha, marina square is easily accessible : )

Whenever i think of muffin, SLII Muffin is the more prefer choice for me. Their muffins are really good. Other places i bought my muffin from: Chocolat N’Spice Blk 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #01-18 & Beccarino Cakes & Pastries Blk 1 Tanjong Pagar plaza #01-56

Talking about Beccarino Cakes & Pastries, I bought their Irish cream puffs and muffins today. Their muffins is so so… choc ‘n’ spice is better but their puffs were surprisingly good =)

The puff skin is very thin and soft and it blends perfectly with the creamy filling, which is lightly flavoured with bailey. It really melts in the mouth… yummy =) They are selling 6 puffs in a box for $2.20, which is quite reasonable.

Apart from the Irish cream puff, they also sell durian and mango puffs. Will probably try it again tomorrow. =P

hihi…wish to know whether you have any contact no. for this SLII Muffin stall?
i couldnt find any web that has the stall contact no.
do they have nice packaging? cuz its for friends…^^

Does this muffin shop certified as, ‘halal’? Bec i’m finding for a muffin shop to buy a no. of muffins.

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