Jollibean: Jolli pancake

Jollibean has been around for many years, and sometimes you tend to take things for granted when they are always there, so it is until now that i actually try something from them. Jollibean actually has 35 branches island-wide till date, so it’s no surprise seeing them in your heartland halls or even downtown.

Soyabeans are one of the world’s richest natural foods, high in quality, low in saturated fats, contains no cholestrerol, are a good source of soluble fiber, so how much more can you go?

Unfortunately, i only had eyes for pan cakes, or mee chiang kueh” that day. The selections from Jollibean did pose quite a problem to me as there were four different kinds of pancakes to choose from. The traditional one, the round one, the crispy flat one or the twisted one. The traditional one is always steady and reliable, while the round one seems more like those Japanese pancakes, and the twisted one nearly got me there since i didn’t try any kind of those before.

Jolli pancake selections ($2.20)

In the end i got the pancake box which comes with three different flavours, namely peanut, red bean and cheese.

Peanut pancake

The peanut pancake is easily the best out of the 3 flavours, the peanuts fillings were generous, and who can resist the crunchy peanut? I guess i am more tradition when coming to pancake, stick to the peanut one!

Red bean pancake

The red bean pancake was all right, but somehow i found their red bean to be too sweet for my liking. And i think i don’t quite fancy the pancake skin, i should have gone for the traditional pancake, but there’s always a first time for everything.

Cheese pancake

This was a disaster. Okay maybe i’m exaggerating, but the cheese was too plain, not cheesy enough, and i think cheese isn’t a very suitable filling for pancake, unless they are those hot cheesy, and will melt-in-mouth kind.

Total bill is $2.20 for a box of pancake. I think i chose the wrong kind of pancake, will be trying the other types next time. And i didn’t have a drink of their famous soyabean milk which is $1.60 for the original flavor, and they have other special flavours available. There’s also Mr Bean around if you don’t fancy Jollibean, competition is always good for us.

200 Victoria Street
B1 Bugis Junction


compared to other ‘imitations’, i still favour Jollibean n my heart goes wif e peanut version…the tau huay n soybean drink are tasty too.. =D

MR BEAN!!!!!!!!!

I don’t like jollibean’s soyamilk.. i think it tastes really weird..

anyway try it and tell me if you feel differently~ :D

jiayings last blog post..Marche

nooo! jollibean!!

hahah, okay, i can’t comment on the soymilk, since i havn’t tried that before. but i love the min chang kueh! my favourite is the traditional red bean one, perhaps cos i have a sweet tooth (or at least sweeter than yours! =P).

the twisted peanut one is not too bad as well, cos the skin is thin, to bring out the fragrance of the peanut. but i thought the crispy ones were pretty rubbish lol.

and guys shouldn’t take too much soy products! hahah, straitstimes said it will lead to lower sperm count or sth lol. =P

foodiegymmie: i must try mr bean soon then!

renee: yeah i still prefer peanut for pancake. haha

jiaying: really ah? okay i try liao den tell you

wenxiu: haha! i think i shld have go for the traditional one instead of the one i got. Hm, i also got a sweet tooth, hard to say who sweeter. lol!

sihan: hahaha! i think i try the cripsy flat one before, but at some other place.

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