A long long time ago, we have A & W for our fix of waffles and root beer floats. Now that they are gone, Waffletown seems to be the only substitute for A & W. Located in Balmoral Plaza at Bukit Timah, the place is actually quite accessible because its only about ten minutes walk away from Newton MRT. Taking a bus from Orchard road takes a mere ten minutes too.

Offering the same “American” style of fastfood, even the seats are “A & W”-like. There’s seats outside if you prefer to seat in their “al fresco” area, otherwise go on in to their air-conditioned areas inside.

The place is a let-down though, the seats are all right, just like your fastfood restaurant chain. But i find the interior to be a little shabby. Actually i am saying this because i felt that Waffletown has great potentials but the management somehow don’t seem to be too bothered about business.

To prove my point, look at the first picture, they took some ugly shots of their food and post it at their entrance. The unglam shots are not even their focus which is waffles. Instead the shots are pictures of some totally unrelated food like black pepper steak, fish and chips, grilled fish.

Single scoop chocolate chip waffle ($3.70)

As the name Waffletown imples, its a place for waffles after all. Thus selections for waffles are aplenty, with your plain waffles at $2.50, there’s ham waffle, sausage waffle, turkey bacon waffle, and of course ice cream waffles.

At $3.70 for a single scoop ice cream waffle, its really a steal though. Even Haato which has one of the cheaper waffles around, are selling at $6 for their single scoop waffles. But then again you can’t compare it this way because the ice cream at Haato are gelato, while the ones here are the normal ice cream.

Single scoop raspberry waffle ($3.70)

The raspberry ice cream is really nostalgic, remember the raspberry ice cream which we buy from the motorcycle uncle when we were young? Its exactly the same one! My friend says that raspberry flavor is still available at supermarket, but i can’t seem to find it.

But i can conclude that at the waffles are definitely better than Gelare. That one is expensive, normal days single scoop waffle is almost ten bucks, and their waffle isn’t even good.

2 Pc Fried Chicken set ($6.70)

The two piece fried chicken set at $6.70, prices are comparable to KFC, but the chicken is slightly better. For one, the chicken isn’t as oily as KFC’s, and nowadays KFC standards really are not consistent. The coleslaw and potato here are at most average, with the chicken faring better.

Total bill is $14.1 for 2 waffles and 2 piece fried chicken. Although the place can’t really substitute A&W which is deep in our heart, but it can be a replacement for now, until someone brings back A&W. I won’t say the waffles are that excellent, but at $3.70 they are really worth the price, and their fried chicken is all right if you dislike KFC.

271 Bukit Timah Road
#01-02 Balmoral Plaza

” Waffletown, for the waffles! “


They used to have an outlet at World Trade centre years ago. Was gone when WTC renovate to become harbourfront. Their chicken are juicy, cod fish are not too bad. They had jojo fries(now more commonly known as wedges). I was there more for the meals rather than waffles though.

Waffletown is “shabby” is your own words because it is a family-run business. Its not a big fast-food chain where you have departments to look at branding and all.

As for the “unglam” and “unfocus” photos, it is precisely people know they served waffles and not the rest of the food that is why they decides to “advertise” on their other offerings – this is the way family business does their promotions.

As for the Waffles, do give the Black Cherry Waffle Ala Mode a try. The puree is intense in flavour and not too sweet. I am sure you will like it.


His Food Blogs last blog post..Restoran Hak Seng – Why Do Food Nazis’ Food Taste So Good

didally: really? i didn’t notice when wtc is still around. haha!

HFB: ahh.. even though its a family run business, i still feel that they can do more on interior. After all the ambience is still very impt even if the food is good. but don’t get me wrong, i am not talking about having very good decor, just decent one will do.

Alright, they should let people know about the rest of the food, but the unglam pictures show their altitude, is it that hard to take nicer photos to showcase your food? Again, i don’t think a business whether it is family, or corporate have to do anything with this point

Finally, their waffles yeah i will try the black cherry waffle next time : )

I used to go to waffletown alot when it was at bukit timah plaza. I agree on the point about the interior – it has great potential since the waffles are really good and value for money.

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I am a regular diner at waffletown, and after reading your post, i took a good look at the interior again on one of my visit. To me, it’s a nice and clean place – decent enough for one to dine in. I would add, it’s even cleaner than some of the big players’ outlet, where trays are left uncleared at busy hours. At least, this is one sight you will seldom see at waffletown, despite them having only 2-3 person running the full operations all the time.

Define a good picture. A good food picture to me shows what i should be expecting, and i feel waffletown have met it’s purpose. Ask yourself, if those pictures were not displayed, would you go on to say that they cannot be bothered with their business because there are no pictures displayed or would you not even have noticed that they do not have any pictures at all? Yet again, looking at it, i would say at least the management of waffletown did bother to at least show their customers some of the items they are serving.

I feel the way you judge the attitude of the management seems too harsh for a family run business. Maybe you should try talking to the owner, the man serving you at the counter and you might be able to feel the personal/family touch of this place.

And yes, try the waffle ala mode – black cherry and blueberry flavours.

SH: Ah, yes its definitely decent enough to dine in. My comments may seem a bit harsh, but i am saying this because i felt that waffletown has the potential to be better, and i do think that the family-business isn’t a main issue here. Why can’t family-business be better?

Its hard to define a good picture, but i think if they did bother to show their customers some of the stuff they are offering, why not make the pictures better and more attractive, instead of the ones that we are looking at?

I definitely have no intention to “attack” waffletown, so if i happen to offend any loyal waffletown customers out there, i do apologise for that. But again, i stand by my words, i feel waffletown can certainly be better, and when it improve, it will be a very different waffletown.

Q: “Why can’t family-business be better?”

A: What makes them different from big fast food chain – resources!

Family-business can be better if they have the budget to do up the interior and to hire a professional food photographer to take nice photos and frame them up properly.

Family-business probably can even better if they have the resources to have different people looking at different aspect of the business – branding, packing, promotions, publicity.

But wouldn’t that make them like the Macs and BK of this world?

The magic of family business lies in the intangibles that one cannot measure – may it be the nostalgic setting and the personalised touch.

Give me Waffletown anytime then those corporate junk food!

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Offence or not – I think what matters more is the need to compare apple to apple – thats where the integrity of reporting lies in.

You made a statement about them not being up to the mark without knowing Waffletown was a family business and used the yardstick on them that is more applicable to the fast food chain of this world.

Just thought it was unfair to Waffletown and kinda misleading to your readers. ;) no offence meant!

His Food Blogs last blog post..Tuck Kee (Ipoh) Sah Hor Fun – Smooth & Silky

I am sorry, but i do know that waffletown is a family business, and i still stand by what i said, even though its a family business, waffletown can certainly be better.

I really don’t see the point of continuing the debate, since its more of a difference in opinion, and i made my comment not because i do not like waffletown, on the contrary i like waffletown idea, and i do wish that they can improve and be better.

So i don’t see how unfair it is to waffletown, and how it will mislead my readers. I like their waffles and i do think that their fried chicken are not bad, but i think the place can be better, thats all.

I self-admit i am not a good food blogger, nor am i a food-critic wannabe. Please do not question my integrity of reporting, i do know what i am writing when i write my reviews. The blog is after all my personal place to blog about the places that i went to and experience, all i have written is definitely my honest opinion, with no intention to harm or mislead others.

No offence taken : )

Waffletown is selling the best waffles and fried chickens in town since 1983. The flag ship outlet was located in Bt Timah Plaza from 1983 to 2002.The franchisor assigned the concept to the present hardworking young man with his family.It is great that they are still maintaining the std passed down from the franchisor except the “decor’
not to the original “taste”, it cld due to
the budget concern during that time?(it was bad time in Spore!)

I enjoy the food and the ‘personal touch’, not much on the Decor,who bother the decor
when time is bad!$value comes first!

waffle: if you read properly, i didn’t say it was very bad. In fact i thought that the idea was good, and the food was not bad. And yes, i’m reading more and working on to improve my english to write better reviews. thank you : )

Mayb u guys should try waffles at cottage waffle place… More to the crispy type 0f waffles.. Main outlet is suntec city mall level3 my.playground, SMU( school 0f economics) & recently open is west coast plaza level2

Nurain: thanks for leaving a comment! wow, i haven heard of cottage waffle place, will try it next time. haha. a friend told me west coast plaza got quite many new places opening up, time to give a visit

it’s another waffletime after Haato!!!

the place is in a quiet shopping mall near to Newton, away from the busy buzz during lunchtime. Waffletown is simple as mentioned, but clean overall.

back to the waffle! it’s crispy and the taste is simply good!!! so good on its own without the ice-cream.

but the ice-cream is overall too simple? tasted just out of freezer, not very good on its own.

with the low price, the waffle could be understand with the small portion. but the look is presentable when they actually put some whip cream as a special deco! (personally skipping whip cream would be better for me, for diet purpose! haha!)

will be visiting the place again to try out others like ham with waffle, sounds interesting? without whip cream of course! =)

knight: At $3.70 for one scoop waffles, their one is one of the cheapest in town. Nothing to rave about ice cream since its those kings ice cream. heh. but i think their waffles are pretty decent, ham sounds a bit weird waffles. I probably just get butter and syrup the next time i drop by.

Thanks for posting on Waffletown. The first time I liked it immediately the fried chicken at Waffleton @ Bukit Timah Plaza. The decor then at Bukit Timah Plaza was much better. I agree on your review about the waffles. I only go there for the main meal and that is their fried chicken. It’s tasty and not soggy. I have visited the Waffletown @ Balmoral Plaza many times and its heart-warming to see even the girls (daughters of the owner i belive..) are also helping out on weekends. They are the only Waffletown left in SG and I certainly hope they continue the business so I can continue to enjoy the tasty non-soggy fried chicken.

hello marlin: yeah i been there a couple of times, but mostly for their waffles (for light snacks when i passed by), bukit timah plaza used to have one right? don’t have much memories of it though.

besides the fried chicken what else u like there?

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