LIC Homely food II

Curry Pork ribs

Home-cook food are always the best because they are our comfort food, the taste that we grow up together with. My mom’s curry are always a favourite dish in the family. She usually cook curry pork ribs, or curry vegetables, or curry fish head, but never curry chicken.

Why? Because she felt that the chicken in Singapore aren’t that healthy, unless she can get Kampong chicken, otherwise no way to curry chicken. The best part about home-cook food is that you can always play to your creativity, add whatever ingredients that you fancy, which obviously is not possible when you dine outside.


Greens are always a must-have dish in the menu, we can really eat a lot of vegetables, more than your average intake. No harm eating more greens!

Watercress soup

The watercress soup is another of my mom’s specialty, or rather we had it so often that it became her specialty. Red dates are added together with pork for the sweet taste of the soup. Watercress is a good vegetable to eat, it “reduce heat”!

Thats all for LIC homely food today, do stay tune for more of the home-cook food to come. And for people who don’t eat often at home, yes you! And you! I saw yr guilty faces, please go home for dinner more often! Appreciate your home cook food!