Chicken House

Chicken is a very common dish in everybody’s meal table, there are so many different method of cooking it. I guess most people will have heard of Kampong chicken, which is quite unlike your typical chicken found in most places.

The normal chicken is usually injected with hormones, to make them grow faster for commercial purposes. Most people thinks that it isn’t that healthy if the chickens are injected.

Kampong Chickens are different, they are usually rear in a manner where they are allowed to “run free”, instead of staying all day in the cages like the normal chicken. The “run free” manner of growing the chicken allows them to train and “strengthen” their legs and bodies, which make the chicken meat firmer and nicer to eat.

My friend had a craving for kampung chicken, so we went to Chicken House along the stretch of Upper Thomson road where they sell only Kampung chicken.

Half a chicken cost $11, and there are also other dishes like internal organs, vegetables, and thai style chicken feet available.

Apparently the store got featured in some publications as well.

Kampong chicken for 2 people ($8)

I guess we can easily finish half a chicken as well, but we just ordered Kampong chicken for 2 servings. Unless you haven’t eaten Kampong chicken before, you should roughly know the texture and taste of it.

Kampong chicken is less meaty compared to the normal chicken, but in this way you won’t get so sick of eating too much meat. The chicken is firmer and nicer to eat!

Oyster sauce Kai Lan ($4)

The oyster sauce kai lan is very normal, not very well stir-fried, we couldn’t really finish the vegetables.

Total Bill was $17.10 for 2 person, we had lime juice as well, which in my opinion is one of the beverage that goes well with many type of different food. The Kampong chicken is good, and i guess not that many places sell kampong chicken in Singapore.

So if you got a craving for Kampong chicken, you know where to go!

Chicken House
255 Upper Thomson Road
Tel: 6456 0698

” Kampong chicken, they run free! “


Just want to check the nutrition facts if Kampong Chicken is less or more oily than normal chicken rice. Thank you.

Went to this place for lunch and before my food came, the table beside mine started making a din. This family for 4, found a worm and a baby cockroach-like thing in their vegetables, after they’ve eaten and paid for the bill. They alerted the waitress and I was expecting an apology but no! She said it can’t be helped and from her experienced way for handling it, I can tell this probably isn’t the first time something similar has happened. No folks, think twice about eating here or just avoid the vegetables totally. I have the pictures to prove actually.

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