Cedele by The Bakery Depot was founded by Ms Yeap Cheng Guat in July 1997. After spending many years in the multi-nationals, Ms Yeap decided to put her baking passion to test.

The flagship store in East Coast is the first of many more to come, till date Cedele has 14 outlets island-wide.

Cedele Bakery is known for their wide range of sandwiches, delicious repertoire of bread, and cakes.

There are two outlets in Raffles City (I didn’t know until later), one in basement and another in level 3. A friend and i visited the one at basement of raffles city.

I like their concept of self pick-up for some of the pastries and bread.

For the sandwiches, you get to choose from different type of bread, milk bap, oatbran, country white, wholemeal linseed, and organic wholewheat.

Tuna Salad Sandwich ($6)

Savory tuna sandwich with chopped red bell pepper and celery, and finished with a lot of cold fresh lettuce.

My friend chose country white for his bread, but he found it a tad too dry and hard. The fresh lettuces are refreshing and there’s a generous spread of the tuna.

Mocha ($3.50)

I’m not really a big fan of mocha, but my friend find it to be all right. And at $3.50, its really cheaper than your Star Bucks and Coffee Bean.

The emphasis for Cedele is more on their bread, sandwiches and pastries. I applause them for their affordable price range for their coffees.

Chocolate Banana Espresso Cake ($6)

Melts in your mouth, this is a soft chocolate cake sandwiched with fresh caramelized banana, topped with espresso chocolate frosting, and finished with crunchy walnut strussel, oat strussel.

The banana taste is evident in the Chocolate Banana Espresso cake, and the walnut adds a crunchy bite to the cake. But I’m still not quite convince by chocolate banana cakes. Not that the ones here aren’t good, just that chocolate and banana doesn’t really suits my taste bud.

Total Bill was $18.13 for one sandwich, one drink and one cake. Cedele looks promising with its wide range of sandwiches, and cakes. Furthermore, the drinks like mocha and latte isn’t very expensive, price ranging from 2 bucks to 4-5 bucks. I think i will be back to give their sandwiches and pastries another try.

Just for your information, LIC usually does not like to repeat going to a same restaurant or cafe because he’ll rather spend the money trying out new stuff at other places.

But in the case of Cedele, their prices are quite reasonable and affordable, so yeah, look out for Cedele II!

#B1-01 Raffles City Shopping Centre
Tel: 6334 4828

” The Bread bakery cafe “