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Fortunate Xin Fu Yum Cha Restaurant should be quite a familar name with most people, largely due to their heavily advertisements on TV. The other being Yum Cha restaurant which also did a lot of TV advertisements. Their main branch is located at Toa Payoh, with a second added at Intenational Building, Orchard Road (beside Lido Scotts) which i say makes it easier for patrons to visit them because of the accessible location.

Anyway, Fortunate Yum Cha is currently having a promotion, 50% off Dim Sum during weekdays 3-5pm, and i must admit that’s the main reason which draws me to the place.



The restaurant is old-school traditional restaurant, with the decors your typical chinese restaurant style. When my buddy and I arrived at 245pm, we went into the place and browse through the menu until 3pm for the promotion to start.

We asked politely whether we can used the powerpoint for our laptop, but we were told they’ll charged us a fee of $5 per hour for the usage. This rather turn us off as we needed the laptop for some discussions, and we even contemplate leaving to find another place which allow us the use of powerpoint. But we decided to stay, have some dim-sum and get off.

Well, thats the main issue, if they had allowed us to use the powerpoint, I believe we’ll have stay longer and order more Dim Sum, but due to the fact that we aren’t allow to use, we order just about 7 Dim Sum between the two of us.



Another issue which we encountered was that the staff told us that the Dim Sum promotion from 3-5pm will be only 30% instead of 50% which we saw on the newspaper, because the 50% is for Dim Sum during 8-10am. We accepted it without much questioning because there was still 30% discount anyway.

But shortly after that, when the assistant manager passed by, I inquire her on the promotion and she told me it was 50% during 3-5pm also. Well, speak of double standards.

Oh ya, and as the place wasn’t really crowded, they didn’t have their usual staff pushing the trolley around to offer Dim Sum. Instead, we ordered the dim sum, and they bring it to our table.



Siew Mai ($4)

Like i said before during my visit to Red Star previously, I always felt the true test for a dim sum restaurant will be its Siew Mai, and the ones here are good! The prawn in the siew mai is big, real big!



Prawn Dumplings ($4)

The Prawn Dumplings or more commonly known as Har-Gau, is also excellent. The skin of the Har-Gau isn’t too sticky like some of the one available elsewhere, one bite into the prawn dumpling, and you will get the result below!



A big prawn inside the skin of the Har-Gau. Simply goodness!



Fried Carrot Cake ($3.80)

The waitress came up with a stove and fried the carrot cake right in front of us. I suppose its not bad, at the orginal price of $3.80 i probably won’t take it again. But having 50% discount, i guess $1.90 isn’t that expensive considering we had 4 pieces of carrot cake.



Char Siew Chee Chong Fun ($3.50)

Chee Chong Fun is always one Dim Sum which i’ll always order when I go to dim sum restaurant. No exceptions here, the chee chong fun is like your usual chinese restaurant one.


BBQ Pork Bun ($2.50)

There is no problem with the char siew bun, the bun is good, but the only thing is if i’m not wrong, usually char siew buns come in 3 instead of 2? I got a feeling that because there was two of us so they served two buns instead of three? Maybe this is how Fortunate serve their char siew bun, can someone enlighten me on this?



Pork Ribs ($3.80)

The pork ribs were not to my liking. N’uff said!



Century Egg Congee ($3)

Usually i don’t really facny century egg congee, but since my buddy wanted some, so we order this to share. And to my surprise, the congee was not bad! But again, $3 for a bowl of congee is probably too high a price for me to order again, unless there’s a promotion again of course.



Mango Pudding ($5)

The mango pudding was really ordinary like all normal mango pudding, and at $5 you can call me a miser, but I won’t pay the money for it. Simply its not worth the five bucks

Total Bill was $21.10 for 2 person, 7 dim sum, 1 dessert, chinese tea. The total price before the 50% discount was $30. I must say the dim sum at Fortunate Yum Cha is quite average, i’ll still prefer Red Star over Fortunate, but given there’s a 50% discount again, i won’t mind going back to Fortunate for some dim sum.

Service-wise you shouldn’t really be expecting any, and go during weekdays where there’s 50% discount. But then nowadays many other restaurants are offering 50% discount on their dim sum, such as Ah Yit abalone restaurant, and Tung Lok Seafood.

Fortunate Yum Cha Restaurant
360 Orchard Road
#02-01 International Building

” I love dim sum, dim sum love me ”

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LOL! 30% off your dim sum means you get 2 char siew buns only instead of 3!~keke

Thanks for the review…I quite suspected they’d be average only. Proven right.
Might as well save up the money for a better place!

i realised too that promotions always come with a shrinkage in the portion. quite average dim sum there, from your description. will be looking forward to red star (fingers crossed!)

Hello PB: really? u been to the toa payoh branch ar? hows the food there?

Hello Camemberu: Yeah i guess so. lol! after u been to cherry garden, everything else looks average. hahah!

Hello Mama Bok: No worries, next time u come Singapore we go eat good food. lol!

Hello Nic: Yeah, dim sum is average, mayb unless for the har gau and siew mai. But after 50% discount, and if you are not that fussy with the quality, i guess they are pretty decent.

Hello jiaying: i never say i’m a lady. everyone just assume because of my nick LADYironchef. lol!! there’s no such thing as free lunch yea? so i suppose we take some and give some. hahaha

I read with interest the comments u said about this restaurant and there’s a fatal error here.
Fortunate Restauarant and Yum Cha is no longer together-not linked in any way at all.
Each brother runs their own promo separately .
So that was teh misleadeing part.
As for the food,I suggest you go and try them out this year-=especially the ones that had dissappointe dyou.
There is a new lady in charge and every dish is whippe dto shape.
The reason I know is becoz I am working together with them but not ana employee.
Dun believe me-go try yourself.

Today I went this one, but not at Orchard, went Chinatown one. Since I have kids, I let them eat first and after it tried to eat by myself. However seemingly the shop staff somehow after kids finished eating always trying to let us go in earlier, telling me, asking us similar question “whether go or not” and cleaning our table. Not only cleaning, but that is more like “let us go” since the ladies want to finish the work in earlier. In spite of there are still many tables there (3PM) and nobody waiting for us. When I tried to eat XiaoLongbao, try to use source but after I ate first one, I realized the ladies already moved the sources! It was always like that. I can not understand what for they were like that however at least I know “the ladies want to finish their work” that’s it. Since it was too much, I complained but still it was going (I told in English and Chinese, the person went me together who is Chinese native also told), and nobody shop staff there care. After finished there told the reception lady (seemingly manager) but does not have any respond so much. Actually I have wanted to eat more (taste is not bad) since after kids, other persons ate still I never ate so much, but since they are already trying like that, I didn’t feel “I order something again” and moved as the ladies want. Here. just see the attitude I strongly DONT recommend to anybody. I guess, since I am Japanese they have thought I am traveler here however actually I stay in Singapore. If somebody ask me about the restaurant I answer “no good”. I am not sure about Orchard but at least about Chinatown. No reason to go a restaurant which workers does not want people staying. Of course can not expect normal services so much, just feeling bad. No point to go, does not feel any Xinfu. If next time I go, should be Orchard one (since taste, I like)..but not Chinatown.

Plus, the time I have stayed there is just 1 hour or some. Not stayed longer so much…funny restaurant Xinfu YunCha.

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