Red Star Restaurant III: Dim Sum Singapore

The last time i went to Red Star was a couple of months ago, and then didn’t have much pictures to show of due to the poor lighting. But today, i had a good seat with good lighting, so ladyironchef proudly presents the Dim-sum from Red Star. Taa-daa!!

Siew Mai

Well well, Siew Mai seems to be a must-have item for Dim Sum, if it is the garge to judge a Dim sum restaurant’s standard, Red Star definitely pass the test with flying colours. The Siew Mai is good, unlike the normal ones where eating one or two will makes you bloated, the one here are chewey, and after having two, another two shan’t be much of a problem.

Har Gau

Har Gau and Siew Mai always come togther don’t they. Har Gau Siew Mai. Thumbs up to the Har Gau here, a big prawn inside the skin of the Har Gau. Need we say more?

Chee Chong Fun

The clear winner in Red Star, it always get sold out faster than you saw it. Luckily today we didn’t have to wait for the auntic to come a second round.

Fried prawn


From what the staff say, this one is only available on Sat, so get em’ the next sat u go. The dumpling is really awesome! Rarely did i see any dumpling outside (except from my mom’s home-made dumpling) that has fillings so thick the dumpling skin barely hold it.

Fried You-tiao with mayo

American-roasted duck ($18)

Undoubtly the Star of the show, the American-roasted duck (no idea why it is american roast) was crispy and tasty. The skin was as crispy as one you would expect from a roast sucking pig. There is another version available, the Beijing-roasted duck. From what i gathered about Red Star’s duck, the American-roasted duck is crispier but fatter, while the Beijing’s version is leaner but not as crispy. However, at $18 for half a duck, it is too expensive and too little. At the same price, we coould even get a better whole roasted duck.

I was amazed when we paid up. Total bill was $69.85 for two person. The last time i was there, we onli paid $100 over for ten odd person. This time two of us manage to gobble up so much. But then again much of the damage was from the duck. 7 big dim sum, 3 small dim sum, and 2 others. After ”brunch” at Red Star, we went to Recess @ Mount Sophia, and Wild Rocket @ Mount Emily. Exciting places to be, stay tune for the coming posts : )

See also Fortunate Yum Cha for more dim sum

#07-2354 Chin Swee Road, 160054
Tel: 65325266/ 65325103

” Dim Sum served on trolleys reminiscene the good old days “


Red Star?! hmm.. try the SUPER BIG PAO there. as big as a small plate.. hehe~~ Was there a queue when u went there..?

gosh…i love the dim sum at Red Star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
viewing ur blog makes me hungry lor…….

Hi Suspious man: thanks : )

Hi vammy: yea, i tried it before the last time i went, it was super big and four five of us couldn’t finish it. But this time onli two of us dun dare to order : )

Hi gui jie: Wait one day we go eat together okay? hahaha! leave more comments!!

Hi ICJ: Red star is at Chin Swee road, behind Outram there. Wild rocket @ Mount Emily quite a cool place. hahaha

Thanks to all for posting comments, all of a sudden so many comments, a bit overwhelmed. lol! but that’s a good sign :)

I was just there last weekend and don’t know if it was my bad luck or what.

This is what I encountered.

1) I was seated near the roast meats counter but for some reason my table seem to be in a dead zone The only trolleys that went past us were char siew pau, dessert and fried dumplings. After waiting for 10 minutes and still no trolley coming, I asked a waitress if I can order from her. The response was an abrupt “cannot….. you must wait for trolley to come”. In the end we just went to waylay every trolley in the other parts of the restaurant and carried it to our table. Other tables in my area did the same as no food seemed to be coming our way.

For the tea, finally I couldn’t take it anymore and walked over to a manager and asked him if he would kindly refill my teapot. And I had to do it twice… for some reason the old auntie he told to refill our tea just refused or couldn’t be bothered or was too forgetful to do it.

Overall compared my previous trips to Red Star and having grown up eating there, this was one disappointing experience and it didn’t help I was with friends who were there for the first time and wanted to try Red Star for its trolley experience.

Hello Adriane:

Yeah, i guess its a matter of luck cos they don’t seem to have a pretty fixed route for their dim sum, sometimes i waited quite long for a particular dim sum too.

And that part about must wait for the trolley come, i encountered that too, but if you ask the manager, he will likely more probably help you “rush” the waitress to come over with the dim sum

I guess we can’t really fault them on the service side because they aren’t known for their service anyway. Its the dim-sum that draws us there in the first place right?


hi.. i like Red Star too. Went a few times and always find the food nice.. Cant blame much on the service cos most working there are aunties & uncle.. And almost have of them had been working there for decades.. Like ppls always say Old ginger is still the Best.. Will be going tis weekend again..

Hello embargo: yeah i agree the staff there are mostly on their age already, anyway you cant really expect fantastic services such places like red star.

wow! this weekend you going again? good for you! but why don’t try other places?

personally i prefer to try more new places instead of just frequenting one, unless they are really really good.

hello cindy: red star is your typical traditional restaurant, i been there since i was young. lol! they got push cart trolley to serve your dim sum, but service wise is quite poor. dim sum is all right, but after having better dim sum elsewhere, i think they are quite average

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  • What’s the nett charges per person?
    Is the place still there? Time for dim sum buffet still at 7am – 3pm?

    edea: Hello it really depends on how much you ordered? Yes Red Star is definitely still there, it’s not a dim sum buffet, you have to order ala carte, try calling them to confirm the opening hours : )

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