Alif Prata


To relieve the pain of not able to eat good food, lets us see the yummy yummy eaten during last weekend. Early in the morning (well not really early), meet up with sp, wh, and hy for breakfast. Prata’s at Alif Restaurant, a “prominent” coffee shop selling pratas at Bukit Gombak. I’m sure you have seen it before if you been to Gombak.

Anyway, breakfast is suppose to be early right? But we had sort of a brunch because someone was late. *i’m not blaming you all right? lol

Egg on the prata ($1.20)

Do note that this is not the normal egg prata, this one is the egg on the prata, different all right? But i cant remember the name of it though. Looks yummy though, next time i think i’ll have this instead of the normal egg prata

Egg Prata ($1.20)

Ahh.. this ons is the normal egg prata. See the difference already? : )

Cheese Prata ($1.50)

Melted cheese within the hot cripsy prata, well some sort like cheese on a pizza just that pizza is western and prata is indian? LOL!

Normal Prata ($0.60)

The normal one without any fillings, *sp commented it was too tough, but the rest of us found it to be okay. *sp got tender tooth : )

Chicken Rice ($3)

The hungry-ghost (or rather soldier) Mr Ang & Mr Ong ordered chicken rice in addition to the pratas.

After which, we went to IMM, and they got psycho by me into eating cakes from Secret Recipe. Thats the next post guys : )

Alif Restaurant
Blk 374 Bukit Batok Street 31 #01-204
Tel: 65646324

” Pratas, pratas, & pratas “


the egg on the prata is called a plaster, yup…
it’s really nice if the prata man can get the yolk just nicely done, if not i’d prefer the normal egg prata.

Anyone have try the Roti Prata store from Blk 49 Tanglin Halt Road, the one beside the food centre? Expect long q everyday, 11am start selling Nasi Briyani. Plain prata($0.60) small but crispy, Egg prata very big($1.10)

most stalls these days sell factory made dough – taste bad and prata becomes very hard after awhile except for the one called Taj Roti Prata dough, taste quit awesome.

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